Business Solutions

Our Solution Consultants and Business Development Managers will consult with your business, to identify the way your fleet operates on a day to day basis.

Once we understand the usage patterns of:-

  •  Intra fleet calls                                       
  •  Fixed to mobile calls
  •  Mobile to fixed calls
  •  SMS
  •  MMS
  •  Emails


As there many ways to communicate with potential clients and exsiting customer, We will assist your business to implement a solution that best suits your business requirements and budget.



Telstra Business Solutions

Telstra Business Solutions offer you the flexibility of customizing the services needed to accommodate to your unique business needs and provide access to a wide range of business applications and devices which maximises efficiency.

  • Telstra Mobile Broadband
  • Telstra Business Broadband
  • Fixed Lines (PSTN, ISDN)
  • Ethernet & Fibre Optic
  • Telstra Business Systems
  • Telstra Business Mobile
  • Connect IP